Friday, July 12, 2013

Things I Love About Natalie - 30 weeks pregnant

Ok baby girl, I haven't quite met you yet - but I feel like we are already so very close. Haha! Get it, see what I did there?? You are all up in my business and you don't mind kicking my bladder repeatedly all night long. It doesn't get much closer than that! But I love feeling you move around in there, even if it is simultaneously the weirdest feeling ever.

Thank you, thank you for moving head down!! Your brother refused to until the last minute but I decided to see a chiropractor earlier this time and it has apparently worked! At the last sonogram you were head down and right where you're supposed to be. You may move, but at least you know where you belong!

Thank you for the wave during that last sono. And for winking at me. It was precious beyond words!

So, since that's all I have about you so far I guess I can update how the pregnancy is going in general. Just like last time - so far so good!! I know I am truly blessed to have it so easy. And I am so very thankful.

Although, sometimes Ms. Natalie kicks or pushes on my lungs and I have the hardest time breathing. It is so weird to be sitting up right and not doing anything and then just become so short of breath for no apparent reason! And like I mentioned, she loves to kick my bladder at night so that I get up to pee, but barely even have to. Speaking of kicks - she is getting bigger and stronger every day and those kicks are becoming soccer star worthy. Some are ok, but some huuurt like crazy! But I have to admit, it's so cool to sit down in the evening and watch you go crazy. My whole stomach looks like that scene out of Aliens where the alien is about to explode out. We keep waiting for that to happen! :)

Oh, and the leg cramps have started. Yuck! Nothing too bad yet, but it's slowly getting worse and worse. If I stretch wrong my leg muscles (all of them) threaten to cramp and seize up and never relax. Those hurt! Ouch!

But, on the brighter side - the chiropractor has completely fixed my round ligament pain!! I cannot tell you how much I love my chiropractor. She has a pregnancy table where the middle drops out for the stomach. The table is standing upright on it's feet and you stand up, lean forward and then take a ride down to laying down. She moves the middle out of the way and then cracks up and down and all around and I get instant relief from all the aches and pains of being pregnant! I swear - it feels like magic! Then I get a 30 minute massage. All for a co-pay! HEAVEN! If I could give one piece of advice for pregnant women, it would be to go to a chiropractor!!

Other than all that, there's not much else to report. This pregnancy seems to be going so much faster than the last. I guess it's because Miles keeps me pretty busy and distracted. We are still waiting on the short sale that we put an offer on. I've pretty much given up hope that we'll get it before the baby comes. But, it's okay because this house is gonna be worth the wait. Plus, how much room could a baby take up in a small apartment anyway? (haha, I'm totally gonna regret saying that!)

Still in love with the birth center and the care we are getting there! Hugs at every appointment. In and out in 30 minutes max. Miles comes with and plays and never wants to leave. I mean - I really love it.

And on a totally random note I am loving livin in the 'burbs!! Everything is so close and convenient. I left 30 minutes early for my chiro appt the other day and was 20 minutes early. Haha! I forgot what it's like to not have to drive 30 minutes to get anywhere.

So, I think that's it for my completely random post. 2 posts in 2 days -- I don't know what's happening, but hopefully it's a good sign! I've started working less at the Pilates studio and we've been doing more fun things around here since we have Nick and Izzy for the month. So I'll do my best to find my blogging groove again. Hopefully the next one will be less random and wordy!

Happy Saturday!!

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