Monday, July 8, 2013

Things I Love About Miles -- Almost 3 Years Old

Top of my list, for sure -- when I say 'I love you', you say 'wuv you' back. If you feel like it, sometimes you throw a kiss in for good measure. Hearing those words totally make being yelled at constantly worth it.

You still love to dance, and you love to make us dance with you. It doesn't matter where we are, but if the music moves you - you shake your baby hips and move to the beat!

Thankfully -- you are finally talking up a storm!! You repeat everything we ask you to say, you are talking in full sentences and communicating so well. Except for when you watch Curious George (your new favorite show, much to my dismay); then you think it's okay to make monkey noises to get what you want. Cute? Kinda. Annoying? Uuh Uuuh Ahh.

Now that you are talking SO much, you love to tell us stories. You usually start by grabbing my face to make sure I'm paying attention and then you take off! Your story starts off making sense (kind of), but then you loose track and start talking gibberish just so you can keep going. Then you throw in some real words -- usually "time out" "no scream" "bad Rocky" or something else that I probably say way too much. I nod and say "ya? really?" a lot and then try to help you wrap it up. Which never works, until you're ready to move on.

Your other favorite show is Team Umizoomi. Which is awesome because they teach "mighty math powers" and you love to count and know almost all your shapes. I can just tell how much your baby brain loves to learn and it is so precious.

You love to read! Thank GOODNESS! I love to read and I don't know what I'd do if you didn't love it too. Sometimes I'll find you in your room "reading" your Thomas books out loud to yourself and I just want to freeze time forever! Never stop being this cute. Please!

Last night I told you "I love you" but since you were mad about going to sleep you said "no love you Momma". I said, "oh no, but *I* love *you* Miles" and you said "I can't love you Momma, I can't". And then I died.

You love to run. And you are crazy fast just like your sister. Now that I'm getting bigger and bigger (3 months left) it scares the crap out of me if we are in a parking lot. But I am looking forward to soccer games and track -- cause you are gonna rock!!

Speaking of your sister - you still adore her! And your brother, for that matter. And now that you are so much fun even Nick wants to play and hang out with you. I adore seeing them play with you and you're smile when they pay attention to you is the best! You are so lucky to have such awesome siblings.

Speaking of siblings -- I'm not sure you know you have a little sister coming yet. We keep watching the Dora episode where "A BABY A BABY A BABY" is coming. And we jump up and down (much to our neighbor's dismay) saying "A BABY A BABY A BABY" with great excitement. I hope it lasts when the baby is actually here.

You did put my mind at ease when your 1 year old cousin came to visit. I could hardly believe how sweet you were to her!! You shared every single toy in your hand without fail. If she wanted it - you handed it over. You wanted to hug her and hold her hand, even when she pushed you away. You hugged her until you knocked her over more than once (sorry Alexa!). But it melted my heart seeing you play together and now I can hardly wait for Natalie to be your friend. I hope you like her!

You woke up singing things morning. You came out of the room dancing and singing and in the best mood ever. Since you are not usually a morning person, it was such a fun treat!

There is so much more to list, but it's impossible to list everything! I can barely believe you are going to be 3 already. It doesn't seem possible! But you get cuter, smarter and more and more fun every single day - so I'll take it.

Now, please stop yelling at me! :)

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