Friday, July 27, 2012


Apparently I started a post about how big of a dork I am a while ago and never finished it. I haven't really been feeling very inspired to blog lately... I hate it when I go through these ruts. Summer is just always SO busy with trying to keep the kids busy, we've got the big kids all of July, Tony is in Vegas right now and Izzy has strep. And her mom is out of town also... so, that's been fun!

Anyway... here's proof of how big of a dork I am - matching outfits for me and my son! Is this as adorable/hilarious as I think it is? Or is this really a psychological form of child abuse. You decide!


  1. Matching outfits are HILARIOUS!!!!!!

  2. I LOVE the matching outfits! I didn't know you could get mother/son outfits!!