Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Blogging is taking a serious backseat to working as we try to settle into our new schedule. Feeding, taking care of, and making 3 kids happy is significantly more difficult than caring for one toddler. Everyone always asks me (with wide eyes) how it is to have Nick and Izzy stay with us for ONE WHOLE MONTH! And my answer is always the same. It's absolutely awesome!! Except for one thing...

See, I may have mentioned this before but, my step-kids really are great kids. They behave, listen to me, are respectful (most of the time, no one's perfect, right?). They love Miles and Miles ADORES them. BUT......

... how on earth do you go from feeding 2 and 1/2 people to 5?!?! It's insane how much food we all need!! And I have always been the worst at meal planning. Add to that the super picky eating of two step-kids (make that two growing/HUUUUNGRY step-kids) and I am just completely out of my element.

As far as problems go, I think that's a fairly good one to have. For now, I'm keeping it simple. The frozen section at the grocery store is my new favorite place. And I guess I'm just going to have to get used to visiting there more often! Thankfully my job is only part time and I have the time to go and cool off in said frozen food section!

In other news -- here's what's been going on with us -- most excitingly Miles and Izzy got a new bed!!!

We had a bed "of sorts" for Miles in that tiny room of theirs, but he wasn't crazy about it. So we decided to just FORCE that bunk bed in there and see how it goes. So far - AMAZING!! I wish we would have done this forever ago! Now Nick has the loft area up top all to himself. (Talk about spoiled!:)) Izzy has the top bunk (she watched a movie and played barbies up there all afternoon, I think she likes it) and Miles has his own bed that he sleeps in every night. He still wakes up missing us around 2 or 3 AM, but hopefully he starts getting used to staying there all night soon.

And Miles has already invited a lady friend over...

Isn't Vera just gorgeous?!

In other news I'm trying to grow out my hair and it's looking terrible. I'm desperate to cut to look like this --

But I have friends trying to talk me into growing it out. I'm sure I'll be happy once it gets past this horrible awkward stage... I'm just SO sick of it now... Let's see if I can hold out... But for now, it's perpetually in a ponytail. Blegh...

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