Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What We Do Best

In case you didn't know this already -- Dallas has any other Metroplex beat when it comes to shopping!  Don't believe me?  I've got two word for you - Sam Moon.  Served. 


So... my sister came for a visit this weekend and we did a whole lot of what we do best -- shop!  I can't tell you how much I miss shopping with my sister.  Nothing can compare -- she has such a great eye, never passes up a deal, and can always make me laugh.  And we shop anywhere and everywhere.  Target - check. Sam Moon - of course.  Malls - check.  Outlet malls - sure.  Shopping centers - don't mind if we do. 

But the most fun was at the FIG Finale 75% off sale!  This event is for serious shoppers only.  Stands were set up all over with the most unbelievable deals.  We shopped till we dropped and then shopped some more.  VIP tickets (thank you to my sister who got mine) got us the exclusive shopping on Thursday that included cocktails, hors d'oeuvres and whole lotta credit card swipping! 

Upstairs at the FIG

Tricia hit the shoe gold mine!
Should have bought this jacket
Shopping and... shots?

After the FIG on Thursday night much more shopping was done through out the entire weekend.  Unfortunately you really have to bring your A-Game to Sam Moon, and there's just no time for silly things like pictures.  

During all the shopping craze we did manage to stop at one of my favorite spots so I could introduce Tricia to the most amazing margarita -- Run to the Urban Taco and get yourself the De Oro Margarita.  You will thank me later.

She refused to put him down even for a second

On Saturday Tricia spent some time with her old friends from TX while Tony and I hung out with the kids.  Izzy had a soccer game that started ridiculously late.  Miles was just a little fussy... but Daddy knows how to make it all better!

Then on Sunday Tricia, Miles and I had brunch and did even more shopping before her flight.  Did I mention how much Miles just adores his Auntie.  The very first day she was here he woke her up with not 1... not 2, but THREE kisses!!  He'd never made out with anyone before!  :)

Needless to say Aunt Tricia will be missed dearly! 

Come back soon Auntie!

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  1. So glad you got to see Tricia! She looks great as always! All that shopping sounds wonderful!!!