Saturday, February 19, 2011


Don't judge me, but Miles just got his 4 month round of vaccines on Thursday.  He's 6.5 months.  What can I say, we've been a little busy.  In my defense, I did have an apt set up for him when he was 5 months (that's not too bad) but the day before he had a fever and green boogers so we decided to wait.  Then my parents were in town and there was no time... then this was the first appt they had available... and sheesh, do I sound guilty or what?  But let me tell you, if I had known how bad it was going to be, I probably would have put it off until NEVER.  Because it was just. that. bad.  
Weighing in at a whopping 15 lbs 1 oz
He got his shots around noon on Thursday and then was surprisingly not interested in napping much during the day.  I say surprisingly because his last vaccines knocked him out - he'd slept for the rest of the day and night.  But this time he was just his normal non-sleeping self.  I though - okay, fine that means you'll sleep more at night.  Cut to -- we put him down at 9:30 and he slept till the second I laid my head on the pillow at midnight.  Then he was up from midnight till 1 AM.  He slept from 1 AM until 3 AM and then was up FOR THE REST OF THE NIGHT!  Notice the caps?  That's because I THOUGHT I WOULD DIE!

Sleep?  What's sleep?
He had a small fever, but nothing too serious.  He was just clingy, whiny, and awake.  SO awake.  Tony finally took over at 6:30 when I laid him down and finally thought he was going to sleep, only to have him wake up 10 minutes later screaming.  They went on a walk to let me sleep.  And from 7 to 11 AM Miles still only slept for another 1 hour. 

Hey, yo. Let's get a pizza.
All day Friday I could not put him down for even a second.  He was just so miserable, and I felt so bad for him.  I held him for every nap (not many) and let him play in my lap all day. 

Baby thighs are delicious!
Thankfully, he finally started to feel a little better in the evening... just in time for the nightly news.

We gave him an extra bottle to help him sleep.  And thank GOODNESS - he slept from 9:30 - 7:30 without waking once.  I, on the other hand woke up at least 4 times to check on him.  So much for a good nights sleep for me.... :)

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  1. Poor little Miles!!! I hate when they have to have shots. =( Glad he is all better though. He looks so cute sitting on the couch!!! What a little man, already in control of the remote! haha