Monday, February 7, 2011


Since I know you're just dying to see the rest of our pictures from Dallas' own Snowpocalypse... here you go!

Miles loved having his daddy home all week.  So did I!

So excited to go for a walk!
I love the look on Miles' face - is all this really necessary people?

Cutest boots ever from Aunt Tricia!
Not minding all the coats now are you kid??

Okay guys... I guess it is pretty cold out here!
Pure SNOW!  What's the street value of that stuff?
We let him see the snow up close... he seems real impressed.
First taste of snow and... still unimpressed.
And finally, here are a few shots of the smoking section of the concerts going on at the Bud Light Hotel during the snow.  Sucks to be a smoker!!

Even though Tony worked from home most of the week, just having him here felt like a vacation!  We spent it watching back to back Battlestar Galactica, enjoying the Super Bowl concerts happening right next door from the comforts of our own home, rearranging furniture (pics soon) and riding the train to an awesome date night at Mockingbird Station and then riding the train again for grocery shopping!  We didn't use the car for an entire week and it was glorious.

Most people complained about cabin fever, but living here in the city proved to be the perfect solution to Snowpocalypse - when we ran out of milk we braved the ice for three blocks and got some (we didn't even fall!).  When we got bored - we went on a date via the train.  When the traffic in downtown was insane because of the Super Bowl - we took the train to Target, did some grocery shopping and rode home without cursing the tourists.

We had such a great time being snowed it, I'm so sad that it's over!  Is there any more snow in the forecast??

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  1. Oh my word!! That first pic of Tony and Miles is the cutest pic EVER! Look at Miles holding himself up already! He looks sooo big being held like that! Sounded amazing you guys taking the train for a date night!! So cool! Can't wait to see your living room, although I can't imagine it looking more fabulous than it already does!