Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween and House Update

We foolishly thought we'd be in our new house by Halloween.  But, best laid plans. 

So here we are, having a suburban Halloween.  I am secretly pleased - our neighborhood does the exact right amount of Halloween for my 2 kiddos.  We get one kinda, almost scary house and lots of candy.  We walked around for about 30/45 minutes and it was perfect. 

Then we came home to carve pumpkins, make chili, roast pumpkin seeds and watch scary movies Tron.  It is kinda scary how bad the new Tron is, so I guess that counts.

We did get to attend a friends annual Halloween party the night before - and it was awesome as always!!  Tony killed it with his homemade Manolo Sanchez costume.  If you haven't seen The Book of Life - you must do so right now!!  (Thank you Beky for telling me about it, it's our fav movie now!)

Overall - it was the perfect holiday weekend! 

And now for the house update --

We've had the foundation guy out to the house twice now, well Beverly has.  And no luck yet.  First he couldn't find the crawl space.  Next he asked for the power to be shut off because of live wires.  So, hopefully he'll be back asap this week.  We really need a quote and to get started on that work before we can do anything else.

Hopefully third time is a charm this week.  Because we are dying to start fixing up what we can and move!  Also, the longer the delay - the more expensive it gets.  So... ugh, common already foundation guys!

I posted a live stream of the place on Periscope last week.  And hopefully I'll post more videos as we get more and more done. So if you don't Periscope (like me 6 days ago) download the app and link it to your twitter to find me!  @amandalauro  It's fun! 

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