Saturday, November 7, 2015

Eye-Gore and A Busy Week

Monday morning Natalie woke up with a swollen eye.  Why is it so scary any time your babies are not 100%?  My imagination becomes my worst enemy.

 I called her pediatrician and they said to ice it, benadryl and see how it looks tomorrow.

She refused the ice pack.  The benadryl made her hyper.  And the next day it was worse. 


But thankfully, a sweet friend said that she remembered a friend's daughter having the same swollen eye problem and it ended up being just a bug bite.  So I tried not to let it bother me and just let time do it's thing.  

We had a Dr. appt scheduled for Miles well check on Wednesday.  And sure enough, her dr confirmed it was just a bug bite and she would be fine in no time. 

World cutest pjs from Samantha

Miles, however, didn't fare so well.  He got 2 boosters and then an ugly looking rash from his polio booster. 
For reference, my hand is on his knee.  That bump is just how swollen the booster is. 

After much research and a call to the dr, it just is what it is and we have to wait it out.  UGH.

He seems fine, no fever.  But the bump is warm and itchy.  :(  I've been using lavender oil and colloidal silver, but it hasn't gotten much better yet.

 So, to really round out the week - Miles had his first dentist appt on Friday.  He did great - and thankfully nothing to report!!  Whoo hoo!! 

We go to this small dentist office near our house -Oak Point - and it is AMAZING.  They never push for anything, never scare you with threats of root canals or cavities.  They are just the best most chill dentist office I've ever been to.

Miles looked super cool in his shades.  And he loved the suction thing that sucks out the slobber.  Lol.  While we were sitting there waiting for the Dr to talk to him, he refused to swallow and insisted on getting his slobber sucked out.  Haha!

The dentist and assistant were fascinated by his 'fused tooth'.  Apparently it is no big deal really (which his dr told me years ago) but they hadn't ever seen one in real life. 

Excuse his messy face!

So, here's hoping for a much less eventful week next week! 

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