Saturday, February 22, 2014

GIFs - Another Thank You to Google+

I have had this post in mind for weeks -- but for some reason I could not figure out how to get these GIFs to cooperate.  

But a little digging and - TA DAAA -- another reason to love Google+.  (Sorry Bill!) 

Somehow, when I take a few pictures in a row - Google+ will create a GIF all on it's own. Here are my favorite ones, aka all of them from my phone!

(Hopefully you can see them on your cell phones too, I imagine they might take a minute or two to load.)

We gave Miles some water in a coffee mug at the hotel on our recent trip to San Antonio and he felt so special!  It was totes adorb! 

We met up with some friends in San Antonio and Miles and Dylan hit it off great!!  New bffs!!

Best Daddy in the world took us to the zoo last weekend! 

We went to see the Butterflies at the Texas Discovery Gardens at Fair Park last week and Miles wanted some butterfly wings.  I let him pick the color on his own -- he wanted green for him and pink for baby sister.  I've never told him pink is for girls only, but that's what he wanted.  I know wings for her is probably the most frivolous thing ever - but I couldn't resist!!!

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