Friday, August 9, 2013

My Little Acrobat

Apparently I can drink a lot of water. My fluid levels are back up! Normal is 10 to 12 and I measured an 11. HORRAY!!!

But of course, in true stubborn Lauro fashion - Natalie decided to turn head up! What a stinker!

BUT... at my appointment at the Birth Center the very next day she had already flipped back head down. WHEW.

Talk about a roller coaster of emotions.

So for now - I have 6 weeks left (approx), I still need to drink a ton of water and take it easy to keep my fluid levels up. And we go back every week for the next two weeks to make sure my levels stay where they need to be. But they have the most awesome 4D sonogram machine - so I won't complain!

Again, a totally different sonographer noticed how much hair Ms. Natalie has and just had to comment! I seriously cannot wait to see it!! And her lips are still looking so full and beautiful. I thought I would hate 4D sonograms -- they just look so weird and squished. But it really is cool to see those details.

In other news -- I'm pretty sure Miles is simultaneously the sweetest kid and the most horrible one I know. For instance, right now he just bumped my coffee and spilled it all over. I asked him to go get a towel and showed him the spilled coffee. He said "oh no" and ran to get a towel and cleaned it up himself. When he wants something from me I make him say "I love you" and he always does and gives me the sweetest kiss.

But take that kid to Best Buy and he will make you regret every second you are there. He runs and screams and will not sit still for even a half a second. People will stare. You will take him to "time out" outside no less than 6 times and it will not work. The store employees will give him a balloon and that will entertain him for all of 2 minutes until he plays the game "Throw your Body On the Balloon Until it Pops". Then he will run around and steal every single display phone and rearrange them all over the store.

Needless to say - it did not go well yesterday when I went to trade in my Note 2. Know what else didn't go well - coming home to find that the GS4 already doesn't work. Seriously - it won't let me back on the App Store and won't download any apps. I have gmail and text messaging on my phone. So all it does is make calls. Unacceptable!

Now I have to go back to Best Buy. I'm leaving Miles behind today though. Guess it's back to the iPhone for me...

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