Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Aquarium at Fair Park

Last week Miles and I met up with a Mothers Meet up Group at the cutest little aquarium at Fair Park. I had no idea this place was even there!! But it is the perfect size for little ones, with a cute little gift shop and hands on activities for the kiddos. Miles might still be a little too young to appreciate an aquarium and all the fish on the other side of the glass. I kept trying to explain that those are real LIVE fish, but he was more interested in driving his car around...

running up and down the ramps...

And climbing things.

But I had fun chasing him and watching him try new things. I kept trying to get a good shot with him and the fish around, but he was moving SO fast that all of them are blurry...

But the absolute best part was the stingray petting area! Miles just thought he was splashing around in the water, until the stingrays came up to say hi. He felt something slimy, cringed and splashed around some more. It was cute, but I think we will have to go back in a few months when he will (hopefully) understand and appreciate a little more!!


  1. Hi! I found your blog through Dallas Moms Blog (which I found via Kelly's Korner link up). We are moving from OK to Denton, TX in 2 months. I was actually at this same aquarium with my girls just a couple of months ago! I am excited to find fun places for kids by reading your blog :)

    1. Hi Heather! So cool that you found my blog... and like it!! :) Hopefully between this and DMB you can keep your little one(s) busy! I definitely suggest a meet up group - Metropolitan Mommas of Dallas is a great one that meets on different days and times to help accommodate everyone and they do lots of fun stuff! And it's a great way to meet other moms and make some friends! Hope I see you there. And welcome to Dallas! :)