Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cuddle Bug

Nap time

Oh gosh, I'm so nervous to write this post.  I've started so many times and given up.  I've written several versions in my head, but I just can't get it quite right.  See, as a mother you try and try to do the best job you can (hopefully) and yet you always feel like someone is judging you.  And it's probably all just in my head anyway... so, here goes...

We co-sleep with Miles.  GASP!  THE HORROR!!  CALL THE POLICE, THAT MOMMA MUST HATE HER BABY!!  Or her marriage.  Or she obviously doesn't care that she's gonna kill her baby!

Or, what ever else the statistics and experts have to say.  

But, in spite of all that -- I LOVE every cuddly minute of co-sleeping.  There are so many positives, some negatives, and in the end Miles didn't really give us much choice in the matter anyway. 

To clarify, I think our co-sleeping arraignment has a lot to do with living in a loft.  Since we do not have much room for anyone visiting we have to be creative.  And honestly we've never been strict with Miles staying in his crib.  Then in July we had an (awesome) house guest and Nick and Izzy (who are also awesome:)).  Miles was sick a couple of nights and instead of letting him keep everyone awake we just let him sleep with us.  Then when he had croup he slept with me so I could listen to his breathing.  And when Tony was gone he slept with me to keep me company. :)

Well, we created a monster!  We've tried several different times to make him sleep in his crib but he's just not having it.  He does go to sleep in his crib around 9 (GASP, CALL THE POLICE AGAIN!! WHO LETS THEIR BABY STAY UP SO LATE?!  Well, get this I lied, sometimes it's 10.  And last night it was 11) but no matter what we do he wakes up screaming anywhere from 11 - 2 am and refuses to go back in his crib.  I mean, refuses no matter what we try. Well, I just lied again we haven't tried cry it out.  And before I offend anyone I am not against CIO and we kinda tried to do it several times.  We just suck at it.  Either one or both of us gives up before it can even be effective.  And to be totally honest - maybe we are just lazy.  At 2 AM it is so much easier to pick him up and put him in bed with us.  He goes right to sleep.  Curls up in a warm cuddly ball right next to me and cuddles all night long.  Sometimes he even turns his face to me and hugs me.  And then I melt into a million pieces.  
And, while I'm being totally honest, I feel pretty guilty for being gone all day (9-7 work schedule just eats up your whole day) that co-sleeping makes me feel better about missing Miles for so long.  

So, all that being said - co-sleeping works so well for us that I can't stop it now.  In fact, we are at the point of getting rid of Miles' crib all together.  We might be jumping the gun, but he hardly sleeps in it anyway...  

Miles trying to wake up




  1. Loved this post! You shouldn't feel guilty one bit! Bradley was such a cuddler and I relished every minute of it. Now that he is 7, I still think back to when he was a baby and how we would take naps together and whenever he slept with us I always got the best nights sleep that night knowing he was right next to me. =) I cherish those sweet memories with him. They are only little once, so why not get all the cuddle time out of them that you can, right? =)

  2. Thanks Lyndsay! I know I shouldn't really feel guilty, but any time you google co-sleeping there's a new article on how babies die because of it. I just wanted to show the other side! :)

  3. Forgot to mention those pics of him are soo cute!!

  4. Yay for a blog post! And I have to tell you, I'm kinda jealous. I *wish* our kids would sleep with us. They look at me like I'm crazy when I try to get them to nap with me. I have said to J about a million times, "wouldn't it be so cute if August would just sleep right here?" But, he won't. He likes his crib more than me ;-)

    Treasure these cuddle times and ignore the naysayers!

  5. Thanks Heather!! Miles is starting to be SUCH a wiggle worm that I get kicked about 300 times per night. But besides that, it's wonderful! :)