Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Catch Up

Holy crap, when was the last time I even blogged?  And who is that tiny baby in those pictures down there?  Oh, I want to cry just looking at him.  My tiny sweet baby is growing up so fast.  So, I guess you've noticed that working full time has left 0 time for blogging.  In fact, I'm writing as fast as I can while at work in between calls right now and will have to finish at home when I can add pictures.

My hours at work are crazy.  9-7 Mondays and Wednesdays.  8-6 Tuesdays and Thursdays and half day Fridays.  Add to that 45 minutes of commute time each way and my day is gone in a blink of the eye.  When I get home from work with Miles it's dinner, bath, bedtime, and laundry if we're desperate. But, I'm really liking my job and Miles is still liking daycare. (in spite of the nibble he received yesterday from his little friend...she had been doing so good too.  :(. But today he ran to Ms.Carmen when she got to class, so cute!)

So - for a quick recap of summer to get you up to speed -- Here's what you missed.

Harry Potter 7 pt 2 premier

Miles turned One!  Well, that's a huge post I'll have to do another time, but here are a few of the pics just off my phone!

Helping me make his bday cake.  Such a sweetie.

I went blond.  (But I'm already back to brown, it was very short lived.)

In-N-Out Burger came to Dallas... and someone enjoyed it!

I became obsessed with Instagram and filtering my pics.

Passed most of my state licensing and am now a MP in several states.  Need to refi?  :)

My friend had a baby boy - Dylan.

Steak and Lobster dinner! 

H & M FINALLY came to Dallas!!

We bought a new car that looks exactly like this!

Tony got a new job that he loves!!  He was traveling every other week to GA last month, but thankfully that stopped. 

Inconveniently he was traveling the week that Miles had croup.  That was tough.

Steroids did the trick.

Thankfully my sister came to visit and was there to help while Miles was sick.  Thank GOD for family!

Some old and very great friends moved back to Dallas and I could not be more thrilled!!  In fact, Brandon stayed with us in our loft for 2 weeks in July while his wife put their house up for sale and he started his new job up here.  While we had Nick and Izzy staying with us.  Come to think of it, that's around the time I stopped blogging.  6 people living in one room proved to be a tad overwhelming.  Thankfully we all survived, had a great time, and are still friends.  And even better, Lyndsay and Brandon's house sold in a flash and they moved up last weekend.  We've already been to their pool and gotten to hang out with them and their kids several times.  I'm SO happy they are back!!

Let's see -- OH, here's a big one - Miles started walking! The walking is super new though.  And even more cute and exciting than I could ever imagine!!  :)

Miles has had a stomach bug off and on for a few weeks now.  He does so much better off milk, so I'm wondering if it's a allergy.  Again, that's a-whole-nother post though because I've got some research to do.

And -- we've got big things coming up for the rest of this year!  My parents are coming to visit in a couple of days.  Oktoberfest is this weekend - and our hotel is booked and the drinking countdown has begun.  Maroon 5 and Train concert. Kids birthday parties. Halloween. My birthday. Slapsgiving. Festivus.

Time flies working full time, with a baby, family, jobs, house to keep clean.  Miles is doing brilliantly through it all though.  And I'm trying to enjoy every second possible because every time I blink he grows up a little more!


  1. You're back! I missed you! Can't believe how much has changed!

  2. I missed blogging. 2 months go by in baby-land and their whole world has changed!! :) Thanks for the encouragement!