Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thoughts from the Trenches

Yesterday was my Due Date. I should have known I'd still be pregnant and not in labor. History repeats itself.

Currently we are about 85% moved out of the apartment and 98% moved out of the storage unit! Thanks to my amazing husband and his muscles. And my mom and her packing/climbing/cleaning/unpacking skills. And my in-laws and their friends and muscles!! And Beverly - who never fails to show up and help any time we need her!

Moving in the rain sucks.

We moved from a one-room loft to a 5 bedroom house and it is a little crazy how full this house is with furniture right now. I'm embarrassed at how packed we must have had that loft.

I have everything I need for the baby right now (scattered around and in boxes). But the bags are packed and we are ready for the birth center - should Natalie ever decide to come out.

I am so nervous that something will fall through and we'll have to move again. Chances are good that we can buy this place, but nothing is 100% and as we unpack box after box - I can't help but worry.

Miles loves his 'new house'. He keeps jumping and running around and spent hours out back in the rain with his Nana yesterday. He needed a house!

I don't know what I would have done without my mom here. She is my life-savor! From playing with Miles to deep cleaning everything in site - she is just the best. She's about to kill me for not going into labor yet. I'm trying mom! :)

I had no idea my husband was so handy. He's already fixed our fence, the garage door, and spent hours carpet cleaning and vacuuming. Between him and my mom this house might actually be clean and nice enough for us to live in soon!

I can live in the worlds ugliest kitchen and not "kill myself" as I had previously thought. Although, I refuse to use the foul oven in here. Anyone selling an oven?

Other than being impatient to meet this little girl, I am really okay with being pregnant still. Everyone keeps asking me if I'm miserable yet - and I can honestly say I am not. Don't get me wrong - I can't wait to have my body back to myself, to jump out of bed, to run up the stairs, to lay on my stomach. And during labor - I'll have my share of miserable. But right now - I'm actually doing good!

I cannot wait to drink a HUGE margarita. And a beer. And a martini.

Bugs LOVE me. And houses have LOTS of bugs. So I have lots of bug bites.

Still no baby...

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