Friday, February 22, 2013


I know it's been forever since my last post - but I'm gonna be honest - this pregnancy is kicking my butt!  I just wasn't expecting this.  Maybe I should have, maybe I blocked how bad this first trimester was last time - but I do not remember this.  I remember the nausea and being tired.  But I don't remember the nausea and exhaustion making me completely useless.  And the mood swings... oh the mood swings.  Maybe not so much even "swings" as I just feel so miserable most of the time that I'm just grumpy all the time. 

I have about a 3 hour window in the morning when I feel halfway decent.  Then by the lunch time things start going south.  By the time I get home - most days I have just enough energy to walk the dog and lay on the couch the rest of the evening while Tony makes dinner and takes care of Miles.  I hate being so useless.  Hopefully these next few weeks go quickly because I can't take much more of this!

Yet, despite all this - all it takes to make me smile -- is Miles' new favorite word.  HAPPY!!!  He loves to just start screaming HAPPY!  Then I say HAPPY!  Then he says HAPPY!  And we both keep going until we are smiling and giggling like crazy.  This morning I was on the phone with Tony and we were talking about selling the house and I'm sure I sounded stressed and upset - so Miles just randomly said HAPPY!  How are kids so smart?!!

Another fun conversation we have in the mornings (almost every day now).

Miles (when seeing the DART every morning): TRAAAINNNKKK
Miles: KKK
Me: Cat??
Miles: Cat!
Me: You're a cat.
Miles: Meow

He's insane! 

And then one more adorable story, just for good measure --

The other day Miles was running around with Rocky saying "Hee Haw, Hee Haw" going crazy.  Slightly confused as to where he heard Hee Haw I didn't pay much attention.  Until he came into the living room with Rocky and said "help, help" and then literally tried to climb Rocky to ride him.  He was trying to say Yee Haw!  Too bad Rocky is so insane, Miles rode him for all of 3 seconds - but it was the most exciting 3 second ride ever  - Miles loved it! 


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