Wednesday, December 28, 2011

17 Months, aka Almost 1 1/2 Years

Things I love about you right now

*You love to give hugs. You wrap your little baby arms around my neck and squeeze. And sometimes you lay your head down on my shoulder and I melt into a million pieces. You also love to hug your daddy and sister exactly the same way!
*Sometimes when you hug you get so excited that you like to squeeze your entire face to my face... sometimes you press your teeth so hard against me that you leave teeth marks! But you don't mean to be mean, you are just so happy!
*You love your belly button. You are obsessed with it. When I give you a bottle (yes, I know you are too old for one, but I don't care) you drink your bottle while playing with your belly button and you refuse to let your belly go.
*When I put you to sleep (or when your daddy puts you to sleep) you finish your bottle, hand it to me, wrap your arm around my neck and fall asleep with one arm around my neck and one hand on your belly button.
*Some times you fall asleep with both arms wrapped around my neck in a tight hug. And as you are falling asleep you smile and giggle at me.
*When you are happy and excited, or showing off to someone, you make this noise like a car revving up and then throw your entire body on the floor. Then you look up to see my reaction, waiting for me to laugh. You are such a ham and I know exactly where you get that from! :)
*When you are SUPER happy or excited you do a happy dance and stomp your feet while singing 'ah ah ah ah ah' with the BIGGEST smile on your face. We can't help but smile and dance with you!

*You don't walk anywhere. You run.
*Sometimes you repeat words that I say, but very rarely and only once. I can only guess that you are saving up all those words to speak in full sentences any day now.
*You LOVE Hot Wheels cars and will drive your cars around the house all day long. But your favorite one is this red food truck. You pick that one above any others and will always play with 2 cars at a time - the food truck and anything else.
*Sometimes when you play with a car on the floor you love to lay down and watch the wheels move from the ground. I assume you are working out how to make a car and will be able to make me one soon.
*You love bath time! You would take a dozen baths a day if I let you. When I try to sneak into the shower while you are playing you find me and then scream and try to climb in until I pick you up and let you shower with me.
*You love to torment the kitties. I really wish you would be more gentle with them. But I do not understand why they don't run away when they see you!
*You are obsessed with the vacuum. You love to help us push it and clean up. You are actually pretty good with the hose!
*You love to get in your car and just sit there. You look like you are chilling, waiting for your homies.
*You LOVE music. All music. At Best Buy yesterday you heard music and went to the speakers and started dancing.
*You love the same music we listen to and when we play Gotye Somebody I Used to Know you stop anything you are doing to l listen and then cry when it's over.
*You also love to sing. You sing along to the Backyardagains theme song and it makes me want to explode with happiness!
*You love people. You will talk to anyone and everyone (baby talk). You love to be out and about meeting people.
*You turn everything square into a phone and start taking (gibberish) to somebody!
*You are so adorable, you love to find hiding places and hide from me. When I find you, you giggle this adorable giggle.
*You stuff your mouth full of food.  I mean DANGEROUSLY full.  And you don't care.  You just chew, swallow and repeat.

I could go on and on.  We are at the stage where we think every single thing you do is cute.  Your daddy can hardly go 5 minutes without saying "GOSH, he's so GORGEOUS". 

But, as a side note, it might be time to start using your words.  I'm pretty sure me and EVERYONE in Target last night could do with a little less high pitched screaming.  I'm just sayin.

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  1. Love this post! He is sooo precious! LOVE how he plays with his belly button! I saw him doing it at the park today! haha! I have never seen a baby stuff his mouth with so much food! Nor have I ever seen a baby eat as much and such a variety of foods! He is such a great little eater!! And a chubby little arm around the neck at night is just the best!!! I miss those days!! Your post is giving me baby fever!!