Wednesday, November 30, 2011

And... We're Back

I've never quit a job before.  And, well, technically I still haven't.  But not for a lack of trying.  I realized last week that this job is costing me money.  It's a draw salary and commission.  Which means, mostly just commission.  And they just shut down my previous department and moved my team.  Now my draw is less, hours are worse and the leads are horrible.  My heart really does go out to all those who live in FL, NV, CA and WA who's houses have lost HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars worth of equity.  But sadly that means that my calls consist of me telling people they don't qualify for a loan.  Between that and me being out so much with a sick baby (and vacation) I wasn't going to be closing any loans this month.  Anyway... long story short - between daycare, gas, and lunch out every day - it was literally costing me money to go to work.  I told my boss this last week and he said to take some time to be sure.  I really like my boss, I even really like my job (the company is great, I have awesome coworkers who I'm sad to say goodbye too) so I said I'd think about it.  Tony and I talked and decided last night that it really doesn't make sense.

My BIGGEST regret and the absolute HARDEST thing is pulling Miles out of his daycare.  He loves his teacher Ms. Carmen and she LOVES him.  It's so hard to trust your child to someone else all day every day.  And you have to worry about things like "play based learning" and is he eating enough at school and that girl that kept biting him.  But in the end, every day when I dropped Miles off at school and he jumped out of my arms to hug Ms. Carmen and she then ran him over to the window to play, I knew it was okay.  I never once thought about how horrible it would be to have to leave her class.  When we told her she cried.  I will just never be able to thank her enough for loving my son the way she did.  And having to take him away from her (even though he now gets to spend his days with me) is still one of the hardest things. 

So... on another note (let me wipe away the tears)... and go, I have biiiig plans for this staying home gig!  I'm making a schedule, the house is going to stay clean, and we are going to work on the potty training!!  And blogging - check!

This is gonna be great!  :)

And now, to catch up on some pictures!

Thanksgiving prep work!

His best Puss in Boots impersonation!

Sleepy babies

Playing together at Nana and Papa's

He loved this chair!

Nana, Papa - you guys are so funny!
PS - I was TOTALLY kidding about the house staying clean... what am I, crazy?!?!?

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  1. Awww, that pic of Miles with your parents is soo great!