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When One Door Closes, 17 More Open

We *mostly* finished the home renovations! It's almost crazy to write that, because - 1. It feels like it'll never really be done, there are still a handful of things that need to be completed (the kids shower is too hot, the master sinks are not working, a couple of fans need to be installed, the closet needs to be moved back upstairs and organized (kill me now).) Nothing too big, but things to work on still, for sure. 2. I never thought we'd finish! But, we closed on the loan and officially finished -- so we are thrilled! And the same week that all of that happened - we bought a condo to renovate, we got a cat, and Izzy moved in with us to homeschool. Just when I thought I'd have a moment to breath, we added a million more things to do. It's fine. I'll sleep when I'm dead. We absolutely love having Izzy here with us. She's the bomb dot com. But she's basically an adult, so I'll leave her private business off my blog. Suffice it to

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